Monday, October 12, 2009

Izzy applies for a new job

We have had a fabulous summer with four and a half dogs at our house. Izzy came home from advanced training the same day Laurie joined the family as our newest (8th) puppy in training. I say 4 1/2 because we are co-raising Laurie with Kerry and Paul who live about 90 miles away in Chico, CA.

But, as summer is coming to an end and we look forward to one more litter with Halor, we have come to the conclusion that as much as we love Izzy, we raised her to have a job and if she can get one (in this tough economy), she needs to become a productive member of society - not just a fun and entertaining free-loader.

Through some very complex connections, I was put in touch with a woman in Carlsbad who is very active in the Delta Society, Paws4Healing and HOPE AACR. Susan had two Goldens she used for these activities and unfortunately, lost one about a year ago. Susan has been on the lookout for a female Golden to do this work with her and her male Golden.

So, keep your fingers and paws crossed that Izzy's paws are big enough to be able to fill the huge void left by Jasmine and this new career works out for her.

Friday night we had a mini-going away party for Izzy. Laurie's sister Lovey was in town with her puppy raisers, Janice and Dan - who graciously agreed to allow hitchhiker Izzy to tag along with them in their 5th wheel to Southern California. Jeff and Kathy joined us in the festivities with their pups-in-training Monroe and new baby Tessa.

In this photo: Piniella and some members of her family (left to right) - Piniella, great grandson Monroe (x Randy), granddaughter Halor (Kittredge x Martine), great grandaughters Laurie and Lovey (x OMSI), and great granddaughter Izzy (x Sequoia).

Here's Dan with Izzy and Lovey as they get ready to leave. Good luck, Izzy!



Boots said...

Way to go Izzy. We are so proud of you and now you are in Southern California. Can you please have your new family get in touch with us so that we can see you some time and maybe even puppysit for them if need be. We love the I litter. Irish comes to San Diego once a month or so. Maybe next time we can get Izzy and Irish together. So now 3 of us have jobs. Wait a second, how come the three of us have to work and the rest of the I gang gets to be freeloaders? Did I miss something?

Ingrid said...

Hey Izzy, this is Ingrid writin you.
I just heard the good news that you might be changing careers. It sure is difficult in this depressed economy. When you applied for your new position, I hope you told them you come from a long line of outstanding canines; you are well trained; and willing to learn. I thought my new career as a personal Hearing Alert Service Dog was going to be
really boring - just waiting for a particular sound and then alerting my human. I was surprised to learn that I would also accompany my human wherever he goes. I keep meeting more and more people - and they are so happy to meet me. So, I hope that in your new career you also experience and reap the rewards of being raised and trained as a CCI dog.
It's a blessing to know that -
just because we are, we are loved by the humans;
just because we are, we minister to the humans.
Your Sis,
Ingrid III

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