Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Izzy is coming home Tuesday!!

Hi all,

I found out today that I should be able to pick up Izzy at my friend's house on Tuesday about 4:00pm. I hope she hasn't forgotten everything she knew before she left home on her vacation/kennel visit. I can't wait to get her back, because, it's for sure - she's the most interesting of the girls.

On the egg front (I know everyone is just dying to here what's going on with the chickens), we had 5 eggs in a row - one each day Tuesday through Saturday. On Friday, we microwaved one and fed it to Halor. She really thought she made out on that deal. That, of course, prompted an email to Dr. Ruth, asking, "Just out of curiosity, is there any value or harm in giving the dogs an egg, either raw or cooked?" (after the fact, typical!). She promptly replied that the white should be fully cooked and one or two a week is fine. Then she added a typical Dr. Ruth-ism ~ "Watch their stools!"

On Sunday morning, we scrambled the remaining four eggs and split them between my friend Tracey, Dennis, and me. Darn good - but really, they tasted like eggs...

Sunday, apparently was a day off for whoever is the early-bird layer, as there were no eggs in the coop.

Today, major disappointment. Jon discovered that the rookie egg-layer doesn't seem to know a thing about gravity. It appeared that today's egg was laid on top of the little hen house, rolled down the roof and broke - VOILA!! ~ breakfast for all six. ; - (

This can be a very bad thing, because you don't want your hens to think eating their own eggs is a good thing - or you won't have any eggs for yourself or your friends or your dogs.

We're pretty sure that one of these gals is the beginner egg provider. Their names are "Dolly" and the other "Dolly" since we can't tell them apart. They are affectionately known as "The Dollies" and are Am Rocks.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hopefully, our next post will be more about dogs.



Halor, Piniella, and Sable

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's boring around here without Izzy

But, as you all know, we've been waiting and waiting for something really huge and exciting to happen around here and today is the BIG DAY!!

We don't know when exactly it happened or who did it ~ just that it was discovered late this afternoon. I went outside and there it was, like a miracle, just sitting in the dirt by the tree trunk. I was so thrilled, I picked it up and ran inside to show Jon. Together, we carried our surprise downstairs.

We set it on a pedestal and took its picture - just in time, as it turns out, because it rolled off the pedestal and cracked.... TOO FUNNY!!

Our entertainment factor has risen and we are off and running, expecting more great things from our six chickens! YEAHHH!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Latest Izzy news

It's sort of a good news/bad news story today, with no photos. Dennis and I went on vacation and Izzy went to stay with friends and puppy raisers Paul and Kerry. She had a terrific time and we were looking forward to picking her up when we got back. On Saturday came the email from our son that Izzy had gone into heat. We knew it was coming ~ just not when.

As it happens, this is a great time for Izzy to go into heat - she can be there, get her hips x-rayed, get her one year shots, and still come home in time for about 2 1/2 months of training before February turn-in. The bad news is that Izzy went on the CCI underground railroad from Chico to Lincoln to Rocklin to Santa Rosa without a stop in Cameron Park. We managed to get her a ticket which was good for us travel time and gas-wise, but I feel really bad that I won't see her for another 3 or so weeks.

So, it's nice to be back home but it's a bit sad to be without our girl Izzy. The other three girls are happy to have us here and even might be happy to not have Izzy... Skippy is thrilled to have someone who pays attention to him back in the house and the chickens did quite well under Jon's care.