Sunday, January 25, 2009

OK, which dog is going to AT next month?

Will it be the nice, calm, quiet dog with the pleasant non-exciteable greeting?

Or, will it be the fun and wiggly, noisy, horribly voiced singing dog with the very exciteable greeting? Only time will tell....

I have to admit that I have a special place in my heart for the happy, wiggly, singing dog who steals the dog-catcher toy from her great-grandmother!

The Home and Landscape show

Today we went to the Home and Landscape Show at Cal Expo. I neglected to take too many photos but these two were pretty important. Above, Izzy is pictured with the giant Golden Bear that scared her to death last September. Today, she took a look, was a tiny bit weary, but walked right up to the bear and did a perfect "up" on command. Later, she was happy to sit beside the scary beast and have her photo taken with him. Go Izzy!!

OK, this stuff is called "K9 Grass" and it is specifically designed with dogs in mind. I really want it but it's not cheap.... It's anti-microbial and won't break down with dogs playing wildly. One home that has it has 7 Great Danes. My favorite quote (from the salesman, I admit) ~ "I haven't wiped a muddy paw in a year." WOW!! Izzy walked right up and laid down (thank god, no "hurry!")