Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Irish is growing in leaps and bounds and I think he needs more food. We are going to the Vet tomorrow to get our monthly heartworm since we can't get a six month supply until his weight is stabilized. Irish is hoping that the vet says yes to more food. He is at a meeting all day today and we did a brief presentation for cci for our company's foundation. Yeah, they agreed to donate right after the presentation.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pot o' Gold??

Piniella is such a hard worker!

Nothing like a brown-noser....

Somebody must have told Piniella that there is a pot of gold hidden in the yard.... She seemed to be determined to find me a fortune!

St. Pat's at the Daniel House

Little Izzy is following in her Mom's footsteps - she loves to chase the ball and is VERY fast. I love this action photo of Izzy. She is very long, very tall, and very slender.

Notice the giant tongue - Hal is such a ball maniac and has only two speeds - on and off!

For the past couple of months, I wouldn't have thought of taking Hal's picture. She really blew her coat after this litter of pups and has been totally without feathers. As you can see here, she is just beginning to get some of them back.

Many of the "I" pups people have commented on how long and/or lanky their pups are. I took a few shots of Hallie and Izzy and I was trying to show how long, tall, and lean Hallie is. Izzy is looking just like her. Where Piniella is a sturdier Golden, Hallie weighs the same but is taller and longer. Today was a beautiful day, and although we can't out-do Irish's poodle look, we took some time to have some fun out in the yard.

Greetings from Irish

Can you believe it? A whole day set aside to celebrate being Irish. Who knew that I was that important. Life is very good here in San Diego. I graduated out of KPT last week so I am now looking forward to learning all kinds of new commands.

Happy St Patrick's Day to mom, dad, my brothers, and sisters.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Ikris ~ then and now

Yesterday, I heard from Ikris' puppy raiser, Martha. She sent the following Ikris update:

Ikris is growing quickly and is quite a lean dog. He does enjoy his treats and goes to work with me each day. I am enclosing several pictures of him. The first one shows him when we first got him doing what he likes best ~ sleeping. He loves to chase his tail. The second one is a picture of him taken yesterday.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

its me Irish

Can you tell I am bored? All my friends had plans today so I am just hanging out. Doing some digging in the backyard. Ah oh i'm in big trouble now and there is no one to blame but me. Hope we get to go do something later.