Sunday, September 27, 2009

I just can't explain it!

I forgot about the blog, or... I haven't made time to blog, or... I have too many dogs to blog, or... I really have no good excuse for not blogging. For any of you that have been checking this blog for something new, I totally apologize for ignoring the blog.

So, some news ~ CCI seems to have released every single "I" puppy. Halor and Sequoia's gorgeous and entertaining I-pups just didn't cut it, I guess, and have gone on to way better things, having much more fun.

Two of the "I" pups have actually found meaningful employment outside of CCI. Congratulations to their puppy raisers and to them for continuing to strive to provide service to their communities. Irish, as you know, is working at the Betty Ford Center in Palm Desert. Ingrid, has become a hearing dog through training outside of CCI and with their blessing. I received the following note from Frederick and Adrienne, Ingrid's puppy raisers:

Finally, some photos of Ingrid in her new cape in her new role as Frederick's personal Hearing Alert Service Dog.

At 9:00 AM on June 30 -the toast was burning; Adrienne ran into the kitchen; Fred ran after her asking "what's wrong?"; She said, with her hands over her ears, "THE SMOKE ALARM IS SOUNDING!" Fred said, "I don't hear a thing; I think it is time for me to get a hearing dog".

Fast Forward to 2:00 PM on June 30 -The phone rings; (Fred didn't hear that either)

The CCI Puppy Program Manager called;"I'm sorry, we are RELEASING Ingrid";

Why? "FEAR ISSUES" We both replied, "she is welcome to come back home!" Sooo, with CCI's permission and the assistance of a professional trainer from Best Paw Forward, we are clicker training Ingrid to become Fred's personal Hearing Alert Service Dog.

Wag, Shake, Woof, Lick, Sluuurp!

Fred, Adrienne and the happy, healthy Ingrid III


Boots said...

so happy to hear about sister ingrid. Mum came out to visit me at Betty Ford and I am doing great. I am on a Betty Ford tv commercial (locally) and so I am a kind of a celebrity. While cutting through the dining room, all the people were pointing and saying, hey its irish. Mum was very impressed. I am doing great and the I litter still reigns as superior. We are the best. Thanks for updating the blog we were beginning to get worried about you Patty.

Celeste said...

Thanks for the update, Patty!
How are the chickens?
Way to go Irish and Ingrid!!!

Hal's friends and family said...

I should have some news about Izzy's latest adventures in a few days... (official teaser)

Anonymous said...

That's too bad :-( It sounds like the Is are successful outside of CCI, which is good to hear :-) Does Halor have one more litter to go or is she done?

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