Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm legal

Irish received his final puppy shots and is good to go. He got his license and was spectacular at the vet. He weighed in at 35.7 lbs and is getting quite lean and lanky. Irish insisted that I ask the doctor if he could possibly have more food but the doctor said no, he looks great. Needless to say Irish is asking to switch vets because he believes he is entitled to more food. I'll try to get better pictures this weekend but we were excited to post his weight and health stats.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Brenda sent me this photo. She is an animal control officer in Boise and is raising Desi with the help of Red Dog. Desi is a full Golden from Halor's first litter which had two dads, Terrell (aka Terry) and Sequoia. Three pups are Sequoia's (thus, full Goldens) and seven pups are Terry's.
Desi is a full big brother to the "I" pups.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Irish update

Irish had a very tough weekend playing and going to class on Sunday night, so Monday he had to take some time to relax. He's such a boy. He stayed like this for several hours. I finally woke him up and we headed off the a meeting.

Interestingly enough at the meeting, he was in a downstay when the person in front of us dumped her diet soda. It flowed directly into Irish who never budged despite our trying to catch the liquid before it hit him. Laying in a pool of diet soda I finally thought, hey, give him a release and low and behold the little man got up and moved. Good boy. The picture below that was taken shortly thereafter so you can see, he was not the least bit phased by the whole thing. Friday, we get our final shots so we'll be ready to hit the streets. Well maybe not hit the streets but we'll be a bit more mobile. I am excited to see how much he weighs.

Irish is doing well in class and he spent all graduation on Saturday snoozing. The boy does love his naps

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busy Weekend

After graduation, I raced home because Dennis and I had promised Jon we would take him and his friends to Poor Red's BBQ for dinner. Jon turned 21 this past week, so we took him to the closest and most unusual bar in the area. Poor Red's is known far and wide - it's in the little tiny town of El Dorado, CA, and the bar is the largest consumer of Galliano in the world. The bartender is amazing, as is Poor Red's famous drink - the Golden Cadillac - made of Galliano, Creme de Cacao, and cream - all blended into milkshake form and served in one of those old time champagne glasses with a milk glass sidecar. There were nine of us for drinks and dinner (8 out of 9 of us had pork ribs - one had chicken). Dennis is on the far end in a gray sweatshirt - from there it's Westside, Jon, Lauren, Hooper, Jack, Lugnuts, and Kelly. Most of the crowd had to drink sodas, but a few of us did the Golden Cadillac thing!

Astro and Piniella hadn't seen each other since Astro was about 8 weeks old. Astro is now three years old and I'd say Piniella didn't recognize him as her own - she usually has to make a show of letting her offspring know she's still in charge when she sees them - she was happy to sit next to Astro and have her picture taken. I didn't get a very good shot of the two of them - but as most of you know, Piniella is not a small Golden - so you can see how big her son is! Astro's dad is Baumann.

On Saturday, after helping the photographer take photos of some 50 matriculating dogs, their puppy raisers, their breeder/caretakers, dog parents, etc, we haeded off to graduation to meet up with Astro. Astro's puppy raiser, Monica, came out from the east coast to present him to his new CCI partner, Ashley. What a pair they are. Astro is a big, gorgeous black lab/golden cross who will be working in the Snohomish County court system assisting Ashley interview children who have somehow been involved in violent crimes. Astro will be sworn in as a law enforcement deputy and will accompany the kids and Ashley as the kids testify in court. This is a huge job, but this big guy seems up to it!
This is Astro with Monica before graduation.

Izzy got her last set of puppy shots on Friday - she weighed 33.3 lbs on 2/22! Izzy, Piniella, and I then went to Santa Rosa on Friday afternoon. We checked into our hotel and headed over to CCI to visit our friends at the vet clinic and in the program office. Kerinne invited us to her place for a run - which was fabulous. The only thick, green, grassy, non-muddy place in all of northern California! We attended the Friday night reception then communed with the Gold Rush gang in our hotel lobby until almost midnight. Izzy was a very good girl and Piniella basked in all of the attention!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Izzy hard at work

The weather has turned yucky again, just in time for our trip this weekend to Santa Rosa. This will be Izzy's first trip back to the mother ship since she left the Puppy Park. This is a photo of Izzy, hard at work, growing like a weed. The photo would have been better if she'd remembered to get dressed this morning!

Izzy is fabulous at work. She is tethered because I am often in and out of my office, but she is doing beautifully. She has a terrific ability to just chill out and chew on her many chew toys or sleep. I have a crate for her in the office and I put her in there if I know I will be at a meeting for any length of time. Izzy is turning into a camel (finally) and can make it through an 8 1/2 hour day with only 2 bathroom breaks!
This is graduation weekend in Santa Rosa, so we hope to commune with lots of dog relatives. Who knows, maybe Izzy will even meet her father! Piniella sent 46 pups out to puppy raisers and the last "undecided" pup (Astro) will graduate on Saturday as a facility dog. I think I'll give her an extra biscuit for finally being done with that project.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back to the Green of San Diego

Loved seeing the pictures of the snow and the dogs. Irish is jealous that all he gets is green plants and sunshine. Sooooo sorry didn't mean to rub that in. If it makes you feel better its cloudy here in San Diego and a blustery 60 degrees with rain anticipated. Irish is definately starting to get leggy and is losing that soft puppy puffy fur. He is learning new things and we are looking forward to being able to go out to places. Of course his favorite holiday is coming up on March 17th and he can't believe that there is a day set aside just to be Irish.

He is calm at work and when he has his cape on. But watch out when he gets home and undressed. He becomes a crazy boy running around in the yard and having a good time. Of course, he only has a Southern California yard which means about postage stamp size but its enough for him.

Patty and Izzy add: oh my gosh, look at those feet!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ike is doing great in the frozen land of Minnesota

IKE is not sure if he can say hi to Lois' cat. She likes to tease the new pups in training. He did really well on this shot-did not try to chase her. Goood Boy...

IKE snuggling with Lois' Lab Golden Retriever cross TRINITY, all nice and warm after a fun romp in the snow!

IKE laying down on the big dog bed. Almost tired, but yet does not want to miss a thing inside the house...

Hi all,

IKE & I went to fellow puppy raiser - Lois Bauer's house on Saturday. Boy did we all have fun!!! She needed a puppy fix & IKE needs to visit more places... Lois had her digital camera handy and took the following wonderful photos... Thought that we could use a break on the blog from the beautiful green grass of CA, for the MN reality of winter.....A little humor!! IKE is doing wonderfully, enjoying puppy class & meeting new human and dog friends, plus a well seasoned CCI Puppy Raiser kitty (Lois's). IKE's winter coat is slow to come in but we are still trying! In the first photo, IKE is standing in the snow. A rare calm moment. Otherwise he was running back and forth and up and down & mostly flying through the air as he would leap up onto her wooden deck-instead of using the stairs...
From Debbie, Ike's puppy raiser
Patty adds:
I think Izzy and Ike look a lot alike. Some of the litter had very fluffy and thick coats, while others had more sleek coats - I think this is the difference between Sequoia's and Halor's coats. Izzy and Inca look very different in class - Izzy's coat is the sleeker variety while Inca is more fluffy. By the way, I'll stick with the green grass to live in, but appreciate the miserable cold Debbie has been experiencing - I survived 14 months in Bismarck, North Dakota a long time ago...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fun Outside

Izzy's eyes aren't really green but she definitely has a ridge down her nose - three pups in the litter had very noticeable ridges - Izzy, Ingrid and Ivan. When Hal's first litter was born, a few of the pups had ridges and the general thought was that the ridge came from the dad - Terrell. Now that the second litter has ridges, we think Hallie is the ridge originator.

Obviously, we wore them out!

Here's the pack on the run - I think Izzy is just about airborne in this photo!

Much of Izzy's time is spent playing tug-of-war with her mom - literally. Needless to say, this is not Hal's favorite game as it takes time away from chasing the ball.

In this group, we have varying degrees of ball drive. Halor will never give up, never give in, never quit. Her motto should be "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" because she is totally into it! Piniella, who is going on 8 years old, loves to chase the ball but doesn't care to challenge the aforementioned maniac anymore. Natoma is almost as much into the game as Piniella, Aria loves to run, get the ball, make sure no one else gets it and then drops it, and Izzy will pick up the ball, carry it around but really just wants to play with the big girls.

Here's another shot of Piniella between her two daughters - Aria on the left, Natoma on the right.

Finally, the weather has been nice for enough days and we can play outside! It's been wet and miserable for the past month and we've been waiting for the ground to dry out a little. Today, was a gorgeous northern California sunny winter day so we invited a couple of Piniella's kids over to play. In this photo, from the left are: Piniella, Natoma, Halor, Izzy, and Aria. Piniella had 5 litters ~ Aria is from Piniella's second litter (her dad is Bobby) and Natoma is from Piniella's third litter (her dad is Gibson - aka Sonny). Aria was released for hips and Natoma graduated but was later retired with what turned out to be a minor health issue. Both girls live nearby with Liz and Craig and we get to see them often. Izzy was not one bit shy of the big girls and had a great time running with the pack.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Irish hard at work

In case anyone is confused, I do work very hard at the office. I have to be very quiet and I have to stay still while people come in and out all day. So far so good. I was at another office last week and they had a nice dog bed so of course, I insisted on getting one for my office. It is quite comfy and I'm enjoying it.

I have graduated to the big dog crates so I can stretch my legs. I am growing bigger every day which is why I must get lots of sleep. I think I should get more food but so far my puppy raiser isn't buying it. I went to the vet this week and weighed in at 30lbs. My vet said I am going to be a very big boy so that makes me feel very good. I got my shots and a cookie which seemed like a fair exchange.

I have learned to sit, wait, stay, and down and I’m even working on shake. I have a test in a few weeks but I’m sure I’ll do okay. Next month I will be old enough to start going places and I’m really looking forward to that.

I hope all my brothers and sisters are doing good in their new homes. Miss you mom.